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East Coast Erosion Control offers products that provide short-term, extended-term, and permanent soil protection. East Coast erosion control blankets offer a variety of benefits, including the prevention of soil loss due to water or wind, and elimination of sediment run-off in ponds and drainage channels or onto dry areas. The blankets are ideal for protecting seed, and provide optimum conditions for establishing plant growth.

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SHORT-TERM SOLUTIONS * ECS-1 Straw Single Net Blanket * ECS–1D Accelerated Straw Single Net Blanket * ECS–1B Straw Biodegradable Single Net Blanket * ECS–2 Straw Double Net Blanket * ECS-2D Accelerated Straw Double Net Blanket * ECS-2B Straw Biodegradable Double Net Blanket EXTENDED-TERM SOLUTIONS * ECSC-2 Straw/Coconut Double Net Blanket * ECSC-2B Straw/Coconut Biodegradable Blanket LONG-TERM SOLUTIONS * ECC-2 Coconut Double Net Blanket * ECC-2B Coconut Biodegradable Double Net Blanket PERMANENT SOLUTIONS * ECC-3 Permanent Turf Reinforcement



East Coast utilizes stringent quality and safety controls in its multiple manufacturing facilities and independent, third-party testing to verify product quality. Independent testing includes full-scale testing at a GAI-LAP accredited facility.



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