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GeoProducts takes pride in combining the best possible product with an unwavering environmentally-conscious mentality to provide the utmost in customer satisfaction. Our EnviroGrid geocell is manufactured to exceed the exacting standards of the original developers in the United States Army Corp of Engineers, and adheres strictly to the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. Department of Transportation projects, Superfund sites, landfills and many other projects have utilized the geocell as a cost-effective and successful solution.

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Our EnviroGrid geocell is a lightweight, expandable confinement system that creates an economical, eco-friendly foundation or erosion barrier. EnviroGrid geocell is a green solution for numerous challenges presented in civil engineering. The construction footprint imposed on the environment by manmade applications is often highly damaging to the environment, and the world is swiftly seeking better solutions without compromising on utility and efficacy. GeoProducts has thus been increasingly sought after as a manufacturer of eco-friendly, cost-effective solutions for soil stabilization in any civilian application. The EnviroGrid geocell uses cellular confinement technology to provide durable soil stabilization, slope and channel protection, and earth retention in projects worldwide. By confining the fill material, EnviroGrid reinforces the system both horizontally and vertically, thus preventing any lateral movement of the material. The three-dimensional cells increase the shear strength and stiffness of the infill material, significantly boosting their weight-bearing capabilities in any capacity. Each grid is welded together by full-depth ultrasonic welds, thereby maximizing the total performance of the cells by strength of their united capabilities. The panel altogether acts as a large mat for load support and erosion control purposes, distributing the weight capacity over a far larger area while simultaneously increasing the weight capacity of the soil.



Geo Products manufactures our Envirogrid geocell in Houston, TX with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems. We ensure quality in our manufacturing with extensive product testing—through the use of a state-of-the-art in-house laboratory and several independent, third-party laboratories.



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